Sorry, it’s gotta be a quicky this morning. Besides, it’s almost noon. Anyhow, here’s something I came across in my reader last night (via It’s a new web series called The Platoon of Power Squadron. I’ve only watched a couple episodes so far, but it looks pretty interesting. I’m liking the girl that can split into multiple girls… you know, because of the whole two chicks at the same time deal. Also, with her I think you would only need to pay for one dinner, right? So, it’s kind of win win situation. There’s also an electrical power guy, and time chick, and a guy with mind powers. I’m probably not doing the best job in the world describing this, so here’s a brief synopsis of their first episode:

Meet the Platoon of Power Squadron. Four strangers in their twenties all ended up renting rooms in the same Chicago apartment. They’ve all been out of school for a while, they all have dead end jobs, and they all have SUPER POWERS. What? That’s right. In a world where supernatural abilities are limited to comic books and the silver screen, these four discontent, minimum wage workers are the only people with actual super powers. Now what the hell are they supposed to do with them?

Here’s there latest episode below. And if you want to learn more, here’s a link to their website, and Facebook page. I’m off to find some breakfast… or lunch… or whatever you call that meal in between. Lurfast I think it’s called.

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