Morning Regurge

I should work up an Atomic Moo morning regurge logo or something for the header of these… right? I’m a graphic designer, I can do that. I also have to work up a couple icons for Trog today. He’s figured out how to get the Moocast onto iTunes, but he says he needs an icon at two different sizes. I would’ve done them last night, but, you know… I was tired. So I guess, that’s my project for today. That, and look for full time employment, and get another upload onto my microstock account, and try to hook some more freelance work, and get onto some of those projects for Atomic Moo that I keep meaning to get to, and start that furry porn site I’ve been wanting to create…

Furries to the Rescue

Speaking of furries, here’s something I came to earlier (via It appears cosplay has it’s uses. Looks like this little guy has never seen a human face thanks to the staff at Wolong Panda wild training base in China that would wear panda costumes while they attended to him. I guess this was to help him adapt to wildlife better. Whatever works works, right? Now I just need a couple girls dressed as Psylocke and Vampirella to come over and attend to me so I don’t think I’m a helpless loser all the time. Hey if works on pandas…

Build Your Own Stormtrooper helmet

Wow! It’s no wonder these guys were dying all over place (couldn’t even stand up to a bunch of neanderthal Care Bears…), all they’re wearing is cheap plastic! I don’t know why, but watching this brought back the plastic smell of those Star Wars Halloween masks we bought as kids. Remember the kind that you would always catch your tongue on with the little slit they put in for the mouth? Anyhow, if you’ve been wanting to make a Stormtrooper helmet of your very own, here’s a nifty Youtube video showing you how.

Duct Hunt

I think this is by that same kid who did that video of the unicorn with the rainbow death ray that came out of his ass… I’m pretty sure it’s the same kid. Yeah, it was called Mr. Toots! Anyhow, check out his latest video below. This is from a video game right?

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1 Comment

  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    08/09/2011 at 6:24 pm

    >Playing Metal Gear
    >Stealth past a guard
    >Turn and shoot him anyway

    Goddamnit, you’re doing it wrong!

    Good video, though.

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