I’m feeling pretty sore this morning, so the regurge is going to be a short one. After seeing those images of me at Comic-Con, I’ve started to think that I look like a shogooth, so I’ve been going back to the gym these last few days. I’m starting to think that geeks and exercise aren’t a good mix. Anyways, check out this nifty looking Wheatley puppet  this girl, TRP-Chan on DeviantArt.com, put together. Damn, I have to play this game. She did an awesome job, and make sure you check out the video of it below.

Lando was Just Trying to Help…

I believe him. Lando was in a tough spot. He was responsible for the lives of thousands of people on Cloud City, but then he realized he was screwed no matter what he did. So in the end he tried to save his friend. Still, I feel the throttling he got from Chewbacca was a little deserved.

All Seven… No Wait! All Thirteen Dwarves

Spotted this last night on my reader (via Neatorama.com). Looks like someone took all the photos of the Hobbit dwarves, and put them into one photo. And, at least this time they put the names under them, so those of us who haven’t read the Hobbit in the last 10 years know who they are.

Casey Jones Fan Film

Looks like he does as good of a job beating the shit out of the Foot as he does the homeless. Take a look a this trailer for a Casey Jones fan film, by Polaris Banks.  From what I read on the Youtube page, there’s going to be a showing of this in Austin, Texas on August 14th. I hoping that afterwards he’ll put the full version online for the rest of us to check out. Take a look at it below and let us know what you think.

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