Well, at least it’s Friday…

Vectored Imp

Tyrion Lannister by Verucasalt82

I spotted this on DeviantArt.com, and being a big fan of vector art and Game of Thrones, I thought it deserved a Moo. It’s by Jessica Finson (or Verucasalt82 on DeviantArt.com). She did some awesome Star Wars vector art a little while ago that we posted about. I’m really impressed with the level of detail she ads, and I can’t imagine how much time she’s spent on these. These almost start to look more like watercolors. Anyhow, check out more of her work in her gallery. She’s also done one of Rob Stark… I’m sure the ladies would be interested in that one (she needs to give us guys one of Daenerys).

Nyan Cat the Video Game

Nyan Cat by J.R. Barker

Nyan Box Back

I came across on my reader last night (via BoingBoing.net). I’m sure you’re all familiar with Nyan Cat by now. If not, here you go…

It is extremely annoying, but ultra-addictive. If there was an 8-bit video game of this, yes, I probably would play it (how many hours have been lost to Robot Unicorn Attack?). This was created by J.R. Barker, and you can learn more about this awesome example of geek art on his blog.

Visit Arrakis!


Might as well make this Morning Regurge all about the geek art. I came across this on Planet-Pulp.com, by artist Clay Sisk. It definitely has that retro Swiss travel poster fill, but instead of skiing you’ll be… well, you know…

Deadpool gets Bitched Slapped… by a Kitten!

Deadpool 61 by Reilly Brown

I guess this is a good one stop at. It’s another DeviantArt.com find, created by illustrator Reilly Brown. I gotta wonder what did Deadpool say to the cat…?

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