The Rise of Boba Fett

When we came back from this past Comic-Con, we literally came back with a bag full of inspiration, ideas, and awesome geek creative stuff the we wanted to share here and give a moo to. Seemed like we had bellies full of fire, and we were ready to make this site a real geek blog; then we were slapped full in the face with our every day lives, and it’s been tough to manage more than just the morning regurges. So this bag (no shit, there really is a bag on my desk here full of Comic-Con goodness) has been sitting on my desk for what, getting damn near a month now? Sorry, I’m kind of a slack-ass. I’m trying to make amends for that though. So I blindly reached into the bag, and pulled out a promotional card for…

The Rise of Boba Fett!

It’s a fan made trailer, that’s also a proposal for a live action film, written and directed by Gary G. Here’s what their site has to say about the trailer:

Proposed live action film… Written, Directed by Gary G.

This trailer written, directed, designed, scored, and brought to reality by Gary G / Dj Shag…

Score created on an iPad 2…

Anyone that is a fan of Star Wars wants this film to be made. Boba Fett possibly one of the best characters never expanded upon.

Cast in this trailer:

Terry Emelio – Boba Fett

Carlos Fogelquist – Shadow / Blackhole trooper

The trailer looks great, and I hope these guys do more, but I’m not sure I really agree with that part in the middle there (“…possibly one of the best characters never expanded upon). I’ve stated my opinion on geekdom’s most popular bounty hunter before, and I’ll do it again: HE HAD A COOL LOOKING HELMET! That’s all. He didn’t do dick in any of the films except get knocked into the galaxy’s largest vagina by a blind man. I really don’t get the appeal, but hey, to each their own. Anyhow, here’s some background on the story, and then I’ll post the trailer below that:

The Empire has fallen.

Chaos ensues…

The Rebels have had a successful victory but evil awaits from all angles.

One of whom was assumed dead has not only survived but his anger has grown.

With Darth Vader gone, no one has his back.

He is alone, again. Past prisoners and hunted victims seek revenge all the while he seeks the same.

The Mystery behind Boba Fett will unfold.

He WILL have his revenge, regardless…

Like I said, I hope we see more from these guys, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their story here (even though I do have my opinions on the Fett-Man). Apparently this was at the Comic-Con Star Wars Fan Choice Awards, but Trog and I kind of bailed early from that (we had some serious drinking to attend to).


I have to say though, as a graphic designer, I was really impressed with their promotional card. Nice thick card stock, with rounded corners, and their logo spot varnished on both sides, plus an awesome illustration on the front… good job guys! Sorry, my scanner does not do it justice. Someday I hope to have a card like that to help promote Atomic Moo… or some day I hope to earn enough to make cards like that to help promote Atomic Moo.

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