Okay, I’m going to stop wearing those ear plugs when I go to bed. I keep sleeping in, and keep screwing up my day.

Remember that post I did the other night about the Rise of Boba Fett fan made trailer? No? Does anyone even read this stuff? Well, for those of you who do, I got an email back from the directer of it, Gary G.. I should have stuck around for those Star Wars Fan Film Awards at Comic-Con. Looks like he was a finalist there. Still, Irish Car Bombs are really really tasty… it was a tough decision. Says he’s also working on a script with his brother right now for a twenty minute short film that’s suppose to take place right after Jedi. So, there’s something to look forward to. I have an idea for a short Star Wars film to! Basically it’s Princess Leia in her golden bikini and a hot Twi’lek chick (like the blue one in the prequels) trapped in a women’s prison on some steamy jungle planet. Mon Mothma could be the warden.

What Video Games Do Behind Your Back

So, video game characters are like the Underpants Gnomes? Thanks to Youtuber Slamacow for putting this together.

The Office Jedi

Another Youtube find here, this one by Seedwellcomedy. I guess it’s the office… but with a Jedi… and a Black Dwight… Okay, I’m sold. Check it out below.


This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen all morning (via Neatorama.com). It kind of goes along with Trog’s post about the Bearmageddon webcomic. Here though, illustrator Sam Spratt, has paid homage to Titian’s Venus of Urbino, but just replaced the Venus with a bear… that has pterodactyl wings. I think this guy is my new favorite artist.


Harry Potter and the Steamy Slow Jam!

Hey, how ’bout another Youtube video… what the hell right? This one is from The Key of Awesome, and is for you Harry Potter fans. I don’t know about that part of Obi Wan being gay though… still, he never dated and always kept the company of young men… so maybe there’s something there. I dunno. Check it out below.

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