Good morning geeks. Somehow I managed to get up before 8:00 this morning… So maybe I’ll actually get something done today. We’ll see.

I guess you could say I’m becoming a pretty big Game of Thrones nerd. I’m almost done with the fourth book now, “A Feast for Crows” and eager to pick up the fifth as soon as I can. Also, thanks to Trog, I’ve seen most of the first season of the show. Anyhow, check out these nifty Game of Thrones Posters created by Thomas Gateley (found these via I guess you could say these posters are minimalistic, but I’d just say their nice posters featuring some of more popular house banners. I’ll post a few more of these below, but if you go to Thomas’ Flickr account (Liquidsoulddesign), you can see all of them there.

Fanboys Illustration

Check out this awesome illustration by Tim Doyle, title Fanboys (found Via based off of Delacroix famous French Revolution painting (wasn’t there a a bare boob hanging out in that one?) Looks like it’s for a showing of Fanboys the movie in Austin, Texas. You gotta love all the dead Trekkies on the battle field. If you want to know more about the print, then just click here.


Fright Night: The Musical!

Take a look at this Fright Night musical by Jon and Al Kaplan (the guys who did Conan the Barbarian: The Musical). I’m debating whether I’ll go see the new Fright Night or not. I really like the old 1985 film, and it’s a regular on Friday nights for me (Friday night will always been horror movie night).  I’ll probably just wait to see the new one when it’s released on DVD. I really don’t want to pay theater prices to see it. Sorry, but the trailer just doesn’t do much for me.

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