Morning Regurge

Good Morning El Moochadoers! There’s some really cool stuff floating around the Web right now so I’ll just hop right in and skip any tomfoolery or shenanigans. Okay, I mostly just wanted to say tomfoolery/ shenanigans but now that I have that out of my system…

Granny Crocheted TIE Fighter

My own grandmothers were nice enough ladies but they were never this cool. Check out these sweet crocheted TIE Fighters that I found on Neatorama. This amazing needle work… stitch work… what the hell is crochet anyways? Well what ever, these awesome TIE fighters were made by Yummy Pancake, who I suspect is not a grandmother, and you should hit the link to see more of her amazing art.

Where’s Wall-E?

Via Laughing Squid, I must’ve spent half-a damn-hour starring at this thing and I still haven’t found the little bastard. Artist Richard Sargent put this together and I’m blown away he even included the Red Dwarf Skutters. Good job, man. Ha! I found him!

Indiana Jones “World Map”

Via Nerd Bastards, thanks to professional artist Matt Busch we can now see the greatest discoveries, and their world locations, of Dr.Henry “Indiana” Jones…jr. Check out the video and share some of Matt’s passion for the films and see how the map came together.

That’s it for this morning friends. More post to come as I encounter them on daily journey through the interwebs.

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