Just writing to say sorry, there is no regurge this morning. My fault. I woke up too late (hell it’s no longer morning…), and now I have to run out to Hemet.

Okay, I don’t want to be a total dick, so here’s something I came across last night while on a DeviantArt binge.

May The Force Be With You by Illiara

I guess the expected joke to put here is “just the droids I was looking for, yuck yuck…” Anyways, it was put up by DA member Illiara. I’m not sure, but I think she’s the blonde R2-D2. I’m not sure who the purple haired C-3PO is, but hey, she’s looking pretty hot to me…


Anyhow, she says the photos were taken by DA member Bukket1138, so good job dude! I’m starting to think I should’ve gone into photography. There’s more images in her gallery, so check’em out if you get a chance. I’m off… to Hemet… like I said earlier… c’ya.

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