Morning Regurge

Evolution of a Geek.

Sorry I’m starting the Morning regurge so late. Two things happened that caused this delay. One: I woke up late. Two: I woke up with an overwhelming need for a bearclaw. DAMN THESE NATURAL FORCES THAT KEEP WORKING AGAINST ME!!!

So, I came across this nifty infographic (above) on GeekDad. It looks kind of familiar, so maybe we’ve posted it before… I dunno… Even if we have, it’s still pretty neat and worth another repost. The problem I’m having with this is I’m not sure what type of “Geek” I am. I think I’m an amalgamated geek. A Franken-geek! That’s a good term for it. Part Star Wars Geek, Part Horror Movie, a little bit of comic book geek, etc… Wow, I just came to realize that even in my hobbies and interests I’m a mutt.

The infographic was created by Sorry, I don’t know much about these guys. It says on GeekDad that they’re into “Gift Marketing” or social sampling. I dunno, I just thought the infographic was neat. More stuff after the jump…

8-Bit Zardoz!

I’ll admit, I’ve never made it all the way through Zardoz. The two times I’ve tried to watch it, I’ve gotten as far as Sean Connery wandering around an empty house in is orange diaper before I got bored and turned it off. I’m am kind of curious to find out what the gun-spewing giant flying head was about… Anyways, check out this 8-bit video game intro (found via for Zardoz, created by Youtube user nickcriscuolo.

Hipster He-Man

Hipster Skeletor

Because He-Man wasn’t gay enough? I dunno… Looks like German illustrator Adrian Riemann found a way to make He-Man look more like a douche by turning him into a indie hipster (found via It’s an interesting mash-up with the characters, and well drawn, I’ll give’em that. Now He-Man can be seen hanging out in front of Starbucks with Tri-clops and Ram Man (who’s muffin topping a pair of really tight pants that he barely managed to fit into), enjoying a venti latte with foam.

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  1. Nothing gay about Ram Man.

    BTW, how did the pow-wow at Buttery’s go?

  2. It was decent. We talked some Moo business, then he showed us how to play Munchkin Cthulhu. Then we ate some chicken… and apparently after we left, that’s when others decided to arrive.

  3. Buttery Wholesomeness

    08/23/2011 at 9:36 pm

    Yeah, that’s pretty accurate, actually.

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