Sorry, I’m not off to a good start again. I stayed up way to late vectoring last night (I think I crashed on the couch around 4 or so), and I’m really dragging ass this morning. I was listening to an old Youtube video while I worked, of a Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson. At one point (1:12:00 or so) in the video he was talking about an asteroid, Apophis, that some day in the near future could potentially cause a fender bender for the Earth. Sorry to be a pessimistic anarchist son of bitch, but I say let it fall. I think our civilization could use a reset button in the shape of a giant rock the size of the Rose bowl. But that’s just me.

Sorry, I’m having problems with two former clients that I dealt with a month ago. These two jobs in particular were a couple reasons why I cut way back on freelancing and stopped putting my ad up on Craigslist. The funny thing is, I was actually going to start putting my ad up again on Craigslist this morning and give it another try. Fucking Apophis is late.

Awesome Geeky Illustrations by Ivan Camelot

Batman by Vancamelot

Again, sorry, but dealing with that shit this morning has kind of left me in a bad mood. And it’s getting later in the day, so I need to get moving with this. Here are some really great looking illustrations that I spotted on by illustrator Ivan Camelot. There’s elements of this style that I really like, and I’m thinking I should try to incorporate into my own work. Like how he makes the figures look shiny and almost candy like, but doesn’t use any gradients that I can see. He’s got a ton of these illustrations on his Deviant Art gallery. I’ll post a few of my favorites below. Anyhow, check them out and enjoy. I’m off to buy a telescope, so I can look to the sky each night with anticipation…


Apocalipsis by Vancamelot


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