Good Morning all! While Chudd’s snoring off a hard nights work of vector illustrating I thought I’d hop on the regurge and share a little of the magic of the internet with all of you…

Pokemon! Party Rock Paradoy

Is it wrong that the only reason I watched this was to see that Angie chick in a Pokemon bra? Nothing against their videos, The Screen Team do some amazing and funny videos, but I know dick all about Pokemon. Yet, there I am watching the whole thing just to check some truly stellar cleavage. I’m still a good guy though, right?

Hey, also check out the how to make a Poke-Bra video starring the amazing Angie and her wonderfull, healthy…(grrragh!!!)… sorry, just started to drool too much, anyways give it a look. Alright, enough bullshit, how the hell did that nimrod (no offense I’m sure he’s a cool dude) but how did that nimrod get a chick that smoking hot? Does she have low self esteem? Is he rich? WTF people! wtf.


Giant Cow Sculpture

‘ehh… why not.

A Giant Delak was at Burning Man 2011

Well, that’s all I have time for this morning. More post will come later in the day, including the most recent Moocast!

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