Best Game Ever

Hey Kids. It’s been a rough day… that’s all I can say right now. I haven’t eaten, very little sleep last night, been driving all over San Diego county, and now I’m feeling pretty dizzy… Anyhow, might as well unwind with a post, right? Here’s another niftysong from Mikey Mason. You might remember is “She Don’t Like Firefly” Song, or his song “My Next Girl Friend.” This one is centered around our favorite RPG, D&D of course (well, actually back in the day my favorite RPG was Star Wars, you know, when they were using only six sided dice… but for this post I’ll just say it’s D&D). Check out the video below, or go to Mikey’s website and let him know he’s doing good. I’m sure he’d like that. In fact, I think all of us need to hear it every now and then. It’s nice to be appreciated… Wow, I’m getting really dizzy; I better go eat. Enjoy the video.

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