The Morning Moo…

Okay, first off; we’re changing The Morning Regurge to the Morning Moo or something equally as clever that doesn’t induce images of gushing vomit. Second; there’s a whole lot of internet goodness waiting to be shared so let’s all just hop in with both feet (unless you were the victim of some horrible accident… so sorry) and get this show on the road!

That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore

Looks like the founder of The Zombie Research Society, Matt Mogk has a wicked sense of humor (who’d a thunk?) and has written a new “mature” children’s book called That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore. The book can be purchased at Think Geek and should (hopefully) educate your children about the potential dangers of zombiefied parents.

Sheeped Away

There’s nothing better than watching a cartoon on a Saturday morning, even if that cartoon is online. Check this wildly funny animation by Junaid Chundrigar. BAAAAAHHHH!

Sheeped Away from Junaid Chundrigar on Vimeo.

Mork and Mindy Papercraft!

If you go to Marshall Alexander Paper Toys and Paper Projects, you’ll find this pair of Mork and Mindy Paper carft toys amongst dozens of other templates of fun paper designs. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below. Also, it looks like all these are being given away for free on the site, you just have to download the PDF of the one you like and then print it up. That being said, if you do download one of these amazing paper toys then please remember to leave a donation so that cool stuff like this can continue to exist.

Well, that be all for now folks, Chudd and I will be recording a new Moocast tonight and hopefully we’ll get a few more post on in the mean time. T’chou gente!

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  1. New Moocast! I shall await with bated breath (whatever that is).

    Also, I hope that book never gets read by actual children. And if it does, I hope Mom never staggers home after a night out with the girls and scratches at the door while fumbling for her keys. And if she does, I hope Dad doesn’t leave the shotgun loaded and within easy reach.

  2. The last couple nights, starting with the blackout, have been kind of crazy. We’re hoping to do a Moocast tonight, but we’ll see what happens.

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