According to the last few job interviews I’ve gone to, my lack of print design is what’s keeping me from finding a job. I’ve got plenty of logo, identity, and illustrative work, but not much print. I don’t feel that’s really true. I do have a lot of print work I’ve done, just none I’d put near my portfolio. So, to remedy this I’ve started working on some Atomic Moo related print projects that will hopefully give my portfolio a little more polish. Hopefully I’ll have something done soon, and available on the site. In the mean time I guess I’ll just keep trudging along…

Sheeped Away

Sheeped Away

Check out this awesome animated short by Junaid Chundrigar called Sheeped Away. I guess the farmer really loves sheep… Says on the Vimeo page that he wanted to make something for both kids and adults to enjoy. I’d say he succeeded. Check it out below

Sheeped Away from Junaid Chundrigar on Vimeo.

PSA From The Goon

I guess this was some test footage… er something… I dunno. I kind of skipped ahead of all that stuff at the beginning to watch the main part of the video.

The Five Stages of Star Wars Revisionism Fan Grief Infographic

I always thought there was just one stage for that: “Grrrrrrrrrr…” Anyhow, check out this nifty infographic I spotted on my reader this morning (via Looks like it was created by the Washington City Paper. Good job guys.

That’s it for this morning. I’m off to shower, shave, and to continue my quest for meaningful employment.

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