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Hey El Moochadors. I spotted some stuff on my reader that looks pretty awesome, and a couple things I’d love to own. That is if I had any money. It sucks being poor. I had to go into La Jolla yesterday. Nothing but happy happy rich people… driving their mustangs and BMWs… 50 year old women trying to look like they’re 20…  Gorgeous homes over looking the sea… Smiles everywhere… When the next killer asteroid comes, let it hit there. Oh wait, it can’t! I forgot about the seals… oh well…

 Porkins Pork Skins

There’s no way I could eat these, not with my stomach the way it is, but I love the packaging. I kind of wish these were a real product. Looks like it was put together by artist Steve Dressler, and he did a pretty awesome job with it.

Porkins Pork Skins

R2D2 Operation

Something I spotted on (maybe I should look into their affiliate program… I dunno…) that thought was pretty nifty. I have to say that I never actually played operation. Never had it as a kid. Never had Hungry Hungry Hippos either… or an AT-AT Walker… that I kept asking for… every Christmas… I eventually got the AT-ST, but, you know, that’s like getting half an AT-AT.

Anyhow, the game sounds pretty nifty. Same set up as the old Operation, but now it’s R2 and not some fat white guy that ate too many pork skins.

Operation R2D2

Venator Class Lego Star Destroyer

Yeah, it’s from the Prequels, and it’s totally fan made, but it still looks pretty cool. This 43,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer was put together by Erik Varszegi. You can see more images of it here, on his Flikr account. Awesome job Erik!

Lego Star Destroyer

Wow… it looks like everything I posted this morning was Star Wars related… I gotta find other stuff to geek out about.

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  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    09/15/2011 at 11:01 am

    By the way, Hungry Hungry Hippos rocks. Next time we have an empty meet-n-greet, we’ll play. I’ll have Avalon there to take up the 4th position.

    Don’t laugh; she’s no slouch.

  2. Drop her in the ring! I’ll will destroy her!!!

  3. They aren’t seals. They’re sea lions. Let ’em die.

  4. Yer right! And as we all know, sea lions are a bunch of dicks.

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