Hey Geeks. Sorry, not much to report this morning for Atomic Moo. Trog’s been busy putting together the last two Moocasts that we did last week, and you should check out Buttery Wholesomeness’ review of Minor Acts of Heroism. As for me? After I get done with today’s Morning Moo I have to get back to putting together my portfolio. I have a meeting set up for tomorrow and want to have something nice to present. Hopefully it’ll go well… I’ll get offered a full time job, with benefits, get some money in savings again, have more time for Atomic Moo, etc…

Girls in Their Undies Vs. Zombies

Here’s an idea I wish I’d come up with. Check out this awesome illustrations by DeviantArt artist Massgrfx. I’ll post a couple more below, but visit his gallery to see more of his work.

Headshot by massgrfx

Babes vs Zombies by massgrfx

Batman Interrogation from CollegeHumor

Do I really need to say anything about this one…? Just watch it…

Tom Selleck’s Moustache

That settles it… I’m growing my ‘stache. I’m not sure which looked creepier though… David Bowie with Selleck’s mustache or the Exorcist chick with it?

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