Atomic Moocast #8: Ages 25 and Up!

Ola El Moochadores! Here is yet another addition of Atomic Moocast were we talk with Numbers about his online comic Ages 25 and Up!. It’s an amazing comic and we were really glad for this chance to sit down and discuss it.

Music for the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod at

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Fast Talkin

Additional Music used in the Atomic Moocast:

  • Hero by Nickleback
  • G.I. Joe Theme Song Music & Lyrics by: Ford Kinder & Spencer Michlin
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1 Comment

  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    09/27/2011 at 4:52 am

    >No, [Buttery Wholesomeness] rapes people, and takes their stuff for us.

    I am okay with this.

    >It comes with being a virgin.

    Oh God, I lolled.

    >You’re not his padawan, are you?

    I rock the black robes, yo. I take apprentices, not padawans.

    >[Buttery Wholesomeness] is the face of the worst part of American Capitalism


    >We had to keep reminding ourselves that it’s not about the money

    No, you had to keep reminding ME. It still makes -no- goddamn sense. You can’t feed yourself with warm feelings of accomplishment.

    >I don’t know Grim Fandango

    Oh, God. *headdesk*

    >Samurai 7

    Actually, yeah. Samurai 7 kicks ass.

    >Fuck those guys who dress up as Slave Leia

    Anxiously awaiting Dave Leia.

    >Do you have any sense of remorse?

    You clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    >Was it good for -MOO?-

    Comic gold.

    >NO U

    Oh, U.

    >Apology from D20 or Buttery Wholesomeness

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, were I you.

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