Sorry for not posting a Morning Moo yesterday. Blame it on Trog. Alright, Saturday night I can’t sleep. Mostly because of stress. So I stay up most the night vectoring (something about laying down anchor points seems to help), and trying to keep my mind off the absolutely horrific interviews I had last week that I can’t stop brooding over. So, by seven on Sunday morning when Trog gets up, that’s when I feel tired enough to get some sleep. As Trog is throwing on his shoes to go down and get some breakfast, I ask him, “hey, do you want to do the Morning Moo, and you know, get something on the site?”

“Absolutely! You can count on me, brother!” he replied. So I shuffle off to bed knowing Trog’s got my back.

I wake up a little after twelve, shower, dress and shuffle back to my mac where I log in to Atomic Moo and see… Nothing. I ask “hey, where’s the Moo you said you’d put up?”

“I’ll get to it! Relax! It’ll get done!”

“Yeah… but, it’s no longer morning…”

“So, I’ll make it a Noon Moo or an Evening Moo. Chill!”

Even that never happened. Trog did finish the latest Moocast, and I have the file here that I need to upload to our server… then he’ll take it and put it on iTunes, however he does it… So there’s that to look forward to. Other than that, there’s not much else to report. Below are a few nifty things from way more talented geeks than us, so enjoy.

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

I spotted this T-shirt design on my reader a few days ago (via, by a Spanish artist who goes by the name Faniseto on He’s got some other nifty geek mash-ups in his portfolio, so check it out if you get the chance.



Pet cosplay is something we definitely don’t see enough of. Also it seems like we’re seeing more Zardoz stuff lately… I dunno… The photo is by Dave Shumka, of his dog, Grampa. From what I read on my reader (via, looks like this was for Halloween of 2009. Awesome job Dave!

Saul Bass Inspired Dexter Intro

I hear it’s good, but I haven’t seen any Dexter yet. Hell, I’m just now getting around to watching Dead Wood. I did like this intro though… check it out below.

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