Hey geeks. Sorry for the late post. I didn’t get much sleep last night… again. This time we can blame it on Buttery Wholesomeness and Trog. Buttery kept me up late chatting on Skype about his plans for world domination using secret meditative techniques he learned in the jungles of Columbia. Something about him being able to alter global consciousness… crash the markets… two chicks at one time… I dunno. When I finally did make it to bed, an hour or so later Trog comes busting in looking for a shirt to borrow, while at the same time spraying body deodorant all over himself. I had to move out onto the couch to escape the smell of that stuff. Eventually I got some sleep.

Anyhow, there’s a new Moocast, which Trog posted below. Other than that there’s not much to report. Because I did wake up so late and I have to get moving on other things (like finding a job), I only found one thing this morning worth posting. I think it’s an ad… with David Hasselhoff in a Chicken Suit. Enjoy!

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