Here’s something awesome to start with. Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters of the 501st legion doing some Muppet/Stormtrooper Cosplay (found via Maybe there should be a Darth Fozzie—just watch, I bet somebody is gonna hop on that idea…

If you haven’t read it yet, Buttery Wholesomeness just posted an “inter-moo” with the creators of “Minor Acts of Heroism” below. Other than that, there’s not much Atomic Moo news. Hopefully we’ll be getting together again tonight to record another Moocast, or is that tomorrow night? I dunno… Trog mentioned something about switching nights. I’m kind of outta the loop right now as far as the Moocast is concerned. I know he’s still working on the last one we did… two weeks ago… He’ll get it done. Here’s some nifty stuff I spotted this morning. Enjoy.

Geek Girls of Porn

This video make me want to play more video games… and watch more porn. Since I can’t play video games at the moment, I guess I’ll just have to stick with the porn. I can live with that…

Best Baroness Illustration EVER!

Kneel Before Cobra!

Check out this great looking Baroness illustration by artist Scott Blair. I think this guy is my new favorite artist… now how do we get the ladies to pull off this great cosplay idea?

Daffy Duck the Wizard?

I know I live under a virtual rock as far as television and video games… and just about everything else… are concerned, but are there new Looney Toons/ Merrie Melodies cartoons that I’m missing? I’m thinking mix some Dethklok in there and this will be perfect. Check it out below.

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