Ola El Moochadores! I hope your all having a fine morning and enjoying the weekend. I’ve found a few things on my reader this morning that I thought were very interesting (and baffling), so sit back with a cool beverage and relax with today’s Morning Moo.

Batman Stalks Robin

Via Dorkly, I don’t know, maybe I sympathize with stalkers way too much, but I think Batman is just concerned about his little buddy’s well being. Check out this very funny Facebook exchange between former crime fighters.

Bacon Candy

When I saw this one on Neatorama I wanted to shout at my screen, YOU’RE TOO LATE! You see, sometime ago a good friend of mine had already invented a form of candied brittle bacon bits that was… interesting (?) if not tasty. However, because he failed to marked his revolutionary idea the creators of this novel (?) treat beat him to the open market. I haven’t even tried any of this stuff, but just looking at the image makes me want to brush my teeth and eat a salad…

and finally…

Brewvies Cinema Pub Fined for Showing Hangover 2! WTF?

So, I’m a former Salt Lake City resident and the one thing I took away from my time living in Utah was, Salt Lake is far cooler a city than most people give it credit. Despite a near theocratic controlled populace and outdated morality laws, Salt Lake has some very cool hang outs one of which is Brewvies, a cinema where you can sit back and enjoy a flick with a tasty pint of beer and something to eat. But according to an article I read on SLTrib.com the Utah based cinema and pub was fined $1,627 for “attire and conduct” violations. The article goes onto say that Utah’s liquor statutes “forbid bars and clubs from showing images of certain sex acts and full frontal nudity,” which, if you’ve seen the film, occurs fairly regularly in Hangover 2. Also according to the article the fine is $400.00 more than a recent penalty “levied against a restaurant cited for serving alcohol to a minor.”

I’m not a Utah resident anymore, but this still kinda pisses me off because I enjoyed time spent at Brewvies. So, Utah geeks who aren’t brainwashed yet by the state sanctioned cult, please do your best to fix this. Nothing crazy (y’know like progressive voting or encouraging critical thinking skills on the mass populace) but go visit Brewvies and support their biz by having a cool drink while watching some cross gendered nudity on the large screen.

T’chou bitches!

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