Steve Jobs Dies at 56

Okay, the story of Apple CEO Steve Jobs passing away has been all around the internet, television, and radio all day and there isn’t much I could hope to add other than my own condolences and appreciation for everything the man accomplished in his short life. Yeah, 56 was way too young. As a designer/ illustrator my own twin brother, Chudd, relies heavily on his Mac (and so do I) for his illustrations and creative projects. Itunes, Podcasting, and iPods have become a large part of our lives and I promise you the iPod makes a 10 hour shift much easier to endure when it’s loaded with my own À la carte selections of songs and podcasts. Hell, even the very first computer I ever touched was an Apple. I learned basic and pascal programming on an old Apple IIe and Macintosh along with Chudd and Buttery Wholesomness in our junior year of high-school. And in the years since leaving high-school I have enjoyed the amazing animation work produced by Pixar and accepted these films as some of my favorite all time movies. It’s weird to think that I wouldn’t have had any of that if it weren’t for Mr. Jobs and his innovations. I may not be as tech savy as some other geeks but for me Steve Jobs has been and always will be a source of inspiration for what a single individual can achieve in a life time. And even though a lot of people bash Steve Jobs for some of the things he did while controlling Apple, with out a doubt he changed our world for the better and will be missed by fans like me.

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  1. Passionate, prickly, and deemed irreplaceable by many Apple fans and investors, Steve Jobs made a life defying conventions and expectations.No one synthesized creativity into technology like Steve did. See any Apple product; it is a unique as well as masterly crafted like an artwork! It is depressing to realize that crafter is not with us today. With his short span of lifetime he lighted the world with new era of technology and we all are benefitting from that! Mr. Steve, your life is so inspiring and the world will be remembered forever.

  2. Mister Trog

    10/08/2011 at 4:13 pm

    Well said, thanks

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