Hey Geeks… We’re actually recording (or warming up to do) a Moocast right now, but I also wanted to use this time to post about some interesting stuff I found while browsing the web. One of these days (Saturday hopefully) I’ll have to sit down with Trog and see if we can figure out a direction to take this site. Seems like we get an idea every now and then…

Awesome Sexy Star Wars Cosplay

Sexy Imperial

I have no idea who this is, what it was for, how old it is, or what site it originated from—I spotted this on Geekleetist and   StarWarsGoneWild.com (awesome site…)—but I think I love her…. yeah…

Awesome Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Cosplay

Carl Cosplay

Spotted this one on Neatorama.com… sure it’s not as sexy as the last one, but still pretty awesome.

Awesome Stop Motion Ninja Animation

Holy shit, this was pretty cool. Looks like it was created by Olivier Trudeau. Not sure what else he’s done, but let’s hope he does more.

Ninja from Olivier Trudeau on Vimeo.

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