Ola El Moochadores and Buenos Nachos on this fine Friday evening. Chudd’s off doing the sort of things Chudds do, so I’m going to post a few of the things I thought were really (really!) cool on the internets tonight.


High-Tech Batman

Via Geektyrant take a look at this high-tech Batman costume designed by Adam Fisher.

AT-AT Terrorizes Chicago

Via Nerd Approved: It’s always good to see a public transit system that might actually get people enthused to ride. Artist Tony Bamber put this brilliant piece of art together and damn it all if he doesn’t have a terrifying amount of talent.

Ron Swason Fan Art

Geek Tyrant put together this amazing collection of this young centuries newest hero. Ron Swanson is more than just a man he’s an leader, example, and a way of life we should all aspire to emulate. Well done Geek Tyrant, well done. Oh, and good on the artist too…

Okay, so that’s it for a little while at least but remember if life gets tough or you find yourself in a bad situation just take a deep breath and ask yourself “what would Swanson do,” and things will work just fine. Night!

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