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Hey El Moochadors… sorry, I didn’t have time for a post this morning, and as it’s looking, I probably won’t have time for one tomorrow morning either. I tell ya, that’s usually how I like to start my day. It gives me sometime to wake up, look at some interesting and inspiring stuff, and share it with the one or two people who actually visit this blog (Buttery Wholesomeness and D20… but even then I have my doubts…). It also allows me to play around with WordPress and practice a little HTML. Still, I’m not getting up at five in the morning to do it. Anyhow, I’ve finished my work for the day, and I was just trying to relax a little while browsing through my reader. Here’s some nifty stuff I found.

Really Really Neat Avengers Trailer


What!? They’re making an Avengers movie??? just kidding. Seems like the last year I couldn’t open up my browser with out seeing something about the Avenger’s film. I’ve watched the trailer twice now, and I have to say it looks pretty bad ass. I might have to buy a ticket. I thought the Stark’s line about avenging the world was a little cheesy, but I guess that’s my only complaint… that and where the hell was Ant-Man? Ant-Man is an Avenger right? Anyhow, check out the trailer below.

F*cking Awesome Imperial March & Shaft Mash-up

It says on Vimeo that the mix was created by Chris from Ithaca Audio. I’m not sure who that is, but he did a fucking awesome job on this. Give it a listen.

Don’t hold back, just push things forward from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.

80’s Television Shows as 8-Bit Games

Might as well make it an all video night. Sorry, didn’t come across any images cute girls in sexy geek cosplay tonight, but then maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough to find them. I did come across this though… can’t remember where I first saw it though. It’s an animation of 80’s television characters in 8-Bit video game form, by a group that goes by the name Punga. Where the fuck was Alf? Anyhow, they did an awesome job and you should check it out below.

Fox Retro from PUNGA on Vimeo.

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