Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Vo. 0

I don’t know who these guys are or how they put something this cool together, but this is incredible. Also, shame on George Lucas for not doing a live action Star Wars television show or other feature films. Posted by youtuber Atilak this Italian made fan film is one the best Star Wars based projects made since… well since Empire. Sure it’s got a few flaws (not in English just for starts) but it shows a lot of potential of these film makers and that it is possible to do really cool Star Wars stuff for fun and little or no profit. Cool, neh? Check it out and look for ways to support the makers of this production so that maybe we can get s’more down the road.

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  1. Roughly even mix of Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien(s) and (incongruously) Gladiator. Also elements of Dune and a shampoo commercial. Good costumes and art design. I say thumbs up.

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