Wow… looks like I found some time to do a post. Feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to do anything with this site. Luckily Trog’s been stepping in and posting here. I guess that’s one of the benefits of having a twin—that and he’s a walking organ bank for me in case of an emergency. Not much to report as far as the site is concerned, except Trog is finishing up the latest Moocast right now and should have it posted later tonight. Anyhow, here’s some nifty stuff I found tonight that I thought I would share here.

Fifteen People You’ll see At Every Nerd Convention

Fifteen Nerds

Here’s a nifty infographic I keep seeing pop up on my reader (I think it’s from I thought of two more they could add to the list: 1) the 250+ pound sweaty nerd who’s never heard of deodorant, and 2) 250+ pound woman who thinks it’s a good idea to push a stroller with her crying illegitimate kids through a crowded convention floor room. Just saying…

The Walken Dead


Zombie Max Bullets

I think this is a real product… I dunno… I spotted this earlier on my reader (via, and checked out the website. Looks legit. I dunno…

MC Frontalot—Critical Hit

Here’s something nifty to close on. New music video from MC Frontalot with Brian Posehn playing D&D in it. Check it out and enjoy. I’m off to scrounge up some dinner.

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