Boa Noite El Moochadores and holy shit am I glad this day is coming to an end. Anyways, I wanted to take 10 or 20 hours and bitch up a storm about the shitty day I had and how stepping into oncoming traffic might be the magic cure I’ve been looking for, but then I listened to an edition of This Week With Larry Miller and felt at least a little better. I don’t know what it is about that podcast that cheers me up so damn much, but it works! So, instead of bitching about shit I’m not even sure I care about, I decided to post some cool stuff from the Internets.


How To Make Your Own Bebop

Via Geekologie, yeah the TMNT cartoon of the late ’80’s early ’90’s really sucked but this is kinda cool. Check out how one Ninja Turtles fan shows the world how to make a home made Bebop…

Bender by Ben Hickling

Artist, Ben Hickling did an amazing job on this portrait of the world’s best damn bending unit ever!

and finally…

Bricks of War

Best way to pull a little gold out of a shitty day is to watch something like this…

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