Wonder Woman 1887

Hey El Moochadors. Sorry for the lack of posts today, but before this day is officially over I thought I’d do a quick post of an artist I recently discovered on DeviantArt.com… at least I think it was recently. I don’t know, my memory is pretty fuzzy. Maybe I came across this guy’s stuff before, did a post about it, and then forgot. I dunno. I’m too lazy to check though. And even if I did, what the fuck right? He does great work, worthy of a couple posts… or Moos… or whatever we call them. Anyways, he goes by the name of Doonboy, his real name is Michael Dooney. He’s got this series of popular superhero chicks in 1887 steampunk garb. I gotta say the Evil Lyn and Princess Leia are my favorites. Anyhow, check out the rest of them below. He’s also got a ton of other great stuff in his gallery and on his website (I dunno… I’m really liking those Jeannie prints).

Huntress 1887

Evil Lyn 1887

Red Sonja 1887

Black Widow 1887

Catwoman 1887

Emma Frost 1887

Princess Leia Steam Punk

Zatanna Steam Punk 1887

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