Okay, so the plan was that Chudd would get as many post on (including a Morning Moo) as he could during the day and then at night, after a long hard days work, I would do a nightly Atomic Moo post. But then Chudd caught a small head cold and started to act like he was smote by the gods and thus being bed ridden (with a head cold) was unable to do his posts today. So, this is the only (yet still awesome) Atomic Moo post today. If you wish, please e-mail your get well soons and best wishes to Chudd, who is convinced his head cold is on par with the bubonic plague.

First up is this clip of Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais being funny with a some what less furry Ewok…

Also, check out these awesome Star Wars Halloween cards from way back in 1977 via The Official Star Wars Blog.

Finally, here’s an explanation for why the hell we have Daylight Saving Time…

Okay folks, I’m off for the night. Hopefully Chudd will have recovered enough strength by tomorrow morning to crawl into his computer chair (a whole 9 feet away from his bed) and despite the pain, do a Morning Moo. Merciful gods, cease this crippling affliction that prevents my own twin brother from browsing the internet at the bright and early hours of 10:30 am so that he may do a post! I beseech thee! Has he not suffered enough in his wearing of the pajamas all day and watching Netflicks for 16 hours whilest sprawled out on a comfy couch!? What more would ye ask of him!? It’s not like he has the joy of getting to go to a manual labor job for 10 + hours a day and grind stone until his finger tips bleed and then come home and do the days only blog post and then manage the sites weekly podcast while searching for a second part time job! Oh, if only he were so lucky, but to have to stay home and not work while watching reruns of The Munsters and Ghost in the Shell whilest finding new places on his body that work as a scratch and sniff, has he not suffered enough already?

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