Princess Vader

This almost makes me wish I had kids… almost. Reddit user JonXP’s five year old girl asked to be Princess Darth Vader for Halloween. Not much else to report tonight, other than a couple few things I found of interest I thought I would share here, like the photo above. There’s another one of the Little Lady Sith Lord below. Trog is busy working on the last Moocast where we got to talk with cosplayer PeachyKiki. Hopefully he’ll get it done with in the next couple days. We just posted the one before that last night, so give it a listen if you get a chance. Anyhow, enjoy!

Princesss Vader

Awesome Skeletor Illustration by David Rapoza


I just spotted this on, by artist David Rapoza. I’m hoping he does Evil Lyn next…

Awesome Blood Elf Cosplay by Lena-Lara

Blood Elf with Wand

Here’s another find. I’m not much of a WoW player anymore (if I ever was…), but I thought this looked pretty badass, and that Lena-Lara did a great job with it. You can see more of it and some of her other work in her gallery, or on her website.


Blood Elf

Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge

Sorry, I haven’t seen the new Teen Wolf series yet, but I did like this spoof on Charlie Brown that used its cast.

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