image capture from StarCraft: Legacy

G’Morning El Moochadores! I just got into using Google+ and… I’m lost and yet I don’t know if I really care enough to figure things out. Huh, apathy you are a most powerful ally. Anyways, one of the things I saw posted on a circle I orbit (or cross circle with or… something) was this amazing fan animation called StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis. From what I understand this is a fan film created by Chris “Freespace” Ciocotisanand and it kicks ass like Bruce Lee in an ass kicking competition! Here’s what the creators had to say about Final Metamorphosis…

On June 30, 2009, StarCraft: Legacy was honored to present our first collaboration with Chris “Freespace” Ciocotisan, the fan cinematic StarCraft: First Contact. Its reception from StarCraft fans, critical success, and wide distribution both humbled and rekindled our passion. It inspired us to continue our mutual search to create first-class content for the community. Today, we are proud to present the fruits of those efforts. For the last 16 months, Chris, with a little help from a wide range of contributors and StarCraft Legacy staff, has worked tirelessly to create a technical superior sequel to our first cinematic endeavor. StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis is complete. It depicts several scenes from the events occurring before and during the Brood War era. It was created, like First Contact, to cinematically recreate canonical lore scenes from the games, the books, and other parts of the extended universe and hopefully, for 7 minutes and 30 seconds entertain you, by taking you once more into the heart of the war-torn Koprulu Sector.

Check out the video below and also if you go to you can read an interview with the films creator.


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