DCON 2011

So yesterday Trog and I went to DCON, DesignerCon 2011. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing this, but this was our first time there. Honestly, it was all the really cool stuff I look forward to at Comic Con, just with fewer booth babes and comic books. It was held up in Pasadena, which is kind of a drive for us, and we had other plans for later that day (like a monthly Anime Meet-up we like to attend), so we couldn’t stay that long there. We did take a few pictures though of some awesome stuff we saw there, and I did purchase a few nifty things of interest. The one thing I kept thinking the whole time I was there was “Wow! I would really love to make shit like this!” Maybe someday I will. Anyhow check out the images below and enjoy!

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  1. That stuff is all really neat!

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