Folks, these times are tough and got me feeling low. But not so long ago a wiser man than me once said, “Sometimes you just got to say fuck it, get drunk and storm the castle anyways!” Okay, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I do know this thing Chudd and I have started is about the only gleaming ray of sunlight in my otherwise overcast life. So, let’s make the goddamn best of it. Here’s two things of interest I found on the Webs tonight…


New Green Lantern Animation… Clips!

The WB has just released a couple of clips for the upcoming Green Lantern animated series. The show premiers Friday 11/11 at 7/6 central and so far… No Ch’p! WTF dammit all! We were cheated out of a Ch’p in the movie this one better have a glowing green space squirrel or… something! I don’t know what. I’m not any good at making up threats I’ll never follow through with. Check out the clips.

You Asimo!

Sure, this video hits the web and six million bloggers all crack the same joke about welcoming our new robot masters. However, I’m going to take a more optimistic approach to this new technology and see it for the massive potential it really has. What might that be you ask? Pygmy-sexbots. Molest it all you want and then have it mix you a Mojito. What a vast and wonderful tomorrow lay ahead of us…

That’s it for tonight folks. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to like us on Facebook and check out The Atomic Moocast! ‘Night all

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