Imperial Entanglements

Hey El Moochadors. I got home a little while ago from doing some freelance work down in Del Mar, and thought I would relax a little and do a post. Most of this stuff I came across on… actually it all comes from DeviantArt. Sorry, I’m getting lazy. Anyhow, it’s all worth a Moo… like this nifty piece of Star Wars fan art I came across, by artist Valzonline. His real name is Carlos Valenzuela, and he’s a professional illustrator and comicbook cover artist from Chile. From the description it’s suppose to take place between Empire and Jedi. He’s got some other great work in his gallery and on his website worth a look.

Awesome MOTU Art by Rapoza


I don’t know if you’re following this guy’s work or not, but you should be. He did an awesome job on his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles illustrations, now Rapoza is working on the Masters of the Universe. I’m really hoping he does Triclops…



Sexy Black Widow Cosplay

Black Widow II

This is one of those type of girls I can’t even fantasize about because she’s too damn pretty. Seriously, my self-esteem is so bad I can only get off to ugly chicks, ’cause not even in my dreams could I get close to a girl like this. Anyhow, she goes by the name Onpaperwings, her real name is Crystal Graziano. I’ll post her other Black Cat image below, but definitely check out her gallery and her blog. Her Cammy cosplay isn’t to be missed either.

Black Widow

Well, that’s all I got tonight. Me and two of the other Elder Moos were suppose to have a meeting tonight and discuss tomorrow Moocast, and other things, but one’s missing in action and Trog has passed out already. I guess I’ll just spend the rest of the night browsing for porn full of ugly girls…

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