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Good morning El Moochadores and I hope you’re at the start to a hell of a good day. Last night we just finished recording another Atomic Moocast, which I’m going to work hard to have online by the end of the day. Also, if you haven’t listened to any of our previous Moocasts then you may be a disappointment to society but I won’t hold that against you and I will still consider you a good guy or gal… or both if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. All that aside though there’s some cool stuff skimming the surface of the Web this morning and I thought I’d share a little bit of it here…

South Park Renewed Through 2016!

For those select and lucky few of you out there who listen to our weekly podcast (Moocast), you already know that one of our Brethren Moo (D20) hates… nay HATES, the animated television series South Park. However, though I respect D20’s opinions on most everything else I cannot agree with him on this. I love South Park and enthusiastically anticipate new episodes every week. So, for me it was really good news when I read on that South Park will be renewed until 2016! That means South Park will at least get to their 20th season and we get something like another 4 or 5 seasons of this awesome cartoon. Joy!

Kick Ass Star Wars Nursery

I think the mom and dad who did this for their kid get the coolest parents award, ever. Go to Nerd Approved and find out how you can deck out your own toddlers room in a similar fashion… neat!

Cool art by J. Castaneda

Okay, stop what you’re doing right now. Slowly take your hands out of your pants, then navigate your way over to artist J. Castaneda’s Web site. There you’ll see some awesome 8-bit styled superhero and Star Wars art. Check out a few samples below, but don’t forget to go visit his site.

Okay El Moochadores, that’s all for this morning. Check back later in the day for new posts and maybe even a new Moocast. Later!

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  1. >D20 hates South Park


    Oh, ho ho.

    This is delicious. *evil grin*

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