Something I Worked Up…

Hey El Moochadors… Here’s something I’ve been working on in my spare time these last few nights. I’ve been wanting to do more illustrative work lately, and see if I can develop some skill in it. After I finished drawing and vectoring the girl though, I decided to make it into a fake book cover. Barty Mars is my alter ego (so is Nipper Murphy, and Uncle Chudd… I don’t know who I am any more…).

Just Aroundthe Corner

Anyhow, I used this image above as my reference model. It’s by DeviantArt member Paper-Stars. Check out her gallery; she’s got some interesting sketches and cosplay on there.

Alright, I’m off to the next project. Whatever that will be, I dunno…?

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  1. Nice work! I’d pick up that paperback and leaf through, if such a thing were still possible. Sigh, damn you, Amazon!

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