I am now working two jobs. How the hell did someone as spectacularly lazy as myself end up getting two jobs? Ehh… oh well, at least now I might have some cash to invest in some of the projects Chudd and I have planned for Atomic Moo. However, I haven’t seen nary a single extra paycheck yet and combine that with my mutant like special powers of spontaneously fucking up most everything I do in life… we’ll just wait and see how this one turns out. But until then, never you worry! Because here at Atomic Moo I’m nothing less than a consummate professional and I’m here, now, with a handful of the Webs tastiest (and lowest hanging) fruit to share with you all. So lean back and strap in as we explore…

Hogwarts Walk of Shame

Yeah, I’d tap ‘dat ass. Okay, actually I’d see that ass, chicken out when it came to talk to her, then go home; cry, masturbate, and eat a Snickers bar all at the same time. Forgetting all that, these girls are really cute! Check out this funny video posted by Notliterally on the youtube and catch a peek at really goes on in a co-ed Hogwarts. C’mon, an invisibility blanked + teenage hormones… there be a mighty lot of hump’n going on in that magic castle there…

Man builds Lego Docking Bay for Millennium Falcon! Nerds everywhere cheer…

Keen! Okay, some of us fall off the deep end and never really find our way back. While others still fall off the deep end, find something cool, and then like a young Jason Vorhees, they spring out of the icky black depths, grab the rest of us by the throat and drag us down to the bottom to show us what they made. And then we gurgle “cool”. Made by Lego artisan and hardcore Star Wars fan David Wagner, this truly awesome recreation of the Death Star Docking bay is chuck full of humorous little details. Here are some of the photos below but you can see more at Mocpages.com.

Star Wars Burlesque!

Good news, more scantly clad chicks dancing in Star Wars costumes. Bad news, it’s in Australia. Dammit. The show is put on by the burlesque group Jade Vanities and (even though you don’t want to) will show the sexiest damn C-3PO you’ve ever seen. Though it looks like she could use a little shine… where’s my turtle wax…

Star Wars Burlesque from Tenderloins on Vimeo.

Well, that’s it for tonight folks, check back later for more Atomic Moo goodness and also check out the Atomic Moocast!

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