Good evening El Moochadores and how the hell are you. Wait, don’t answer that, because no matter what you’re state of mind is right now, I’ve got some stuff here that’s sure to make things even better. So put the lid back on the pills, unload that gun, and take the noose off your neck just long enough to enjoy some awesome internet droppings. Here we go…

You Are Not So Smart Book Trailer: Procrastination

Via Neatorama, Okay, the video promo may have a point but a wiser man than me once said, “Hard work pays off eventually, but laziness pays off now.” But, then again maybe you’re one of the weird mutant like people that actually “does things.” If so check out this promotional clip for the book Your Not So Smart. Cool website too.


Also via Neatorama, check out this…amazing/ scary art of Doctor Zoidberg by some artist I couldn’t find the name of… (sloppy blogging I know… I hate me too sometimes).

Know Your Meme: Pedobear

huh… the secret origins of Pedobear all explained here. I’m not sure I really wanted to know, but still an interesting watch…

Okay El Moochadores, I’m going to be busy the rest of the night working on my “napping on the couch” abilities just prior to my actually going to bed. Napping is a skill that can be developed into an art and some day I hope to be a grand master of the sport. Night all!

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