I feel like a bloated slug of goo right now. After our traditional Thanksgiving day meal at Home Town Buffet I think I could be considered a “gaseous anomaly” of toxic vapors. Ugh. However, despite it being a holiday I still wanted to get on and post a few things like…

How to Read a Schematic

via Geeks are Sexy, Check out this highly edumacational video on how to read a schematic. Science, you’re awesome.

Fear and Loathing on Tatooine

Via Nerd Approved This just goes to show we as a society need more Hunter S. Thompson based fan art. This amazing art was made by artist Anton Marrast

Okay guys, I’ve got to head back to the bath room and do some damage control. Ye Gods, what did I do to deserve this? …wait, don’t answer that. G’night!

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