Right now I’m between projects; I just finished an upload to my microstock accounts and now I’m about to continue working on some library posters I was hired to design. I thought I would take a break and do a post while Trog is busy putting together the last Moocast. As far as any Atomic Moo news, well I’ve decided to take down the downloads page for a little while. I want to get more specific on the type of projects I’m putting up for download, and I need some time to work them out. The main reason I started this site was to have something for myself to create for, and the free downloads were part of it. So I definitely want to get something back up soon. Still, I want to get more focused on the type of projects I’m doing for Atomic Moo, and just not slap the logo on anything I come up with. Other than that, not much else to report.

Anyways, here’s some nifty things I’ve come across recently that’s worth a shout out… or a moo. Like these Star Wars Art Prints by Case Kunz. Looks like they’re available on Society6 for purchase.

Slave 1 by Chase Kunz

Millennium Falcon by Chase Kunz

Tie Interceptor

Awesome Geek Art of Mark McHaley

Ben Kenobi by Mark McHaley

I was browsing through my reader and came across the work of this guy (via GeekTyrant.com), Mark McHaley. Of course I’m interested in the Star Wars stuff, but he’s got a lot of other great work in his DeviantArt gallery.

Dr. Jones


Voltron Red Lion

Adam West Batman

Aliens on Ice!

Hey, at least they get points for trying… Looks like a “troupe” in Austin, Texas, put this together. They have a Facebook page where maybe you can learn more about them.


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