Nothing like a hard days work then coming home to my comfy little apartment! Here I get to relax and do a little Atomic Moo blogging. You know what? Of course you don’t but I’ll tell you anyways. I think I have it pretty damn good here in San Diego. I get by well enough, the weather is always great, and via Atomic Moo, Chudd and I are meeting a lot of great people and having a hell of a good time. I feel a calm in my universe and at the moment I don’t want for much. Well… except money. I could always use more money. Lots and lots of money. Piles of the stuff that I can just get naked with and dive on top of it. So much of it that I can saunter by the dollar menus of lesser fast food chains and head straight on into the Sizzler, salad bar be damned! I’m talking about the type of money that allows a man to buy two hookers and then have them battle it out gladiator style while I toss empty pudding cup containers at their heads. Yes, getting a shit tone of money is that one last obstacle to hurtle and then I feel my universe will be a happy place. However, I don’t yet see too many unhealthy and wealthy sugar mamas on the horizon and I’m pretty sure the lotto ticket in my back pocket is a near miss. So (sigh) until then I’ll just have to do what makes me most happy when money isn’t around. This blog. So here it is folks, a small collection of internet drift wood coming ashore the Atomic Moo website all for your enjoyment. Let’s go!

Dr. Seuss/ Ghostbuster Mashup

Via Geek Tyrant check out a great piece of art by Deviant Art artist, DrFastusau. Huh, I always wondered what would happen to a Star Bellied Sneetch if you were to hit him with a Proton Pack

Boba Fudd & Bugs Organa

Via Geekleetist… umm, this is taking me to places in my brain I never thought I would have to visit. I can’t be the only dude who thinks old bugs there looks remarkably hot… right? It’s not like I have my hand firmly lodged down the front of my pants, violently punishing the bishop, as I stare at a cartoon man/rabbit in drag. But if that were the case, it’s still totally normal… right? In any case, check out this wonderful piece of art by Rob Wood.

and finally…

BatGirl… Grrrr…

Also via Geek Tyrant check out this beautifully done work of art by artist Dan Hickling.

That be all for tonight folks, but Chudd should be on tomorrow morning with some more great stories, and I’m just about done with the new Atomic Moocast. So, there’s that to look forward too… Now put the gun down and step back from the ledge. There are still dozens of Moocast to come…


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