Salt Vader

Alright… I’m going to get things started here, then I’ll let Trog finish’er off. That’s right! It’s called team work bitches! Two brothers working both ends of this blog—wait… that’s starting to sound really fucked up… Anyways, in the short time that I’ve been home I’ve managed to wolf down a steak that was a little to rare (it was still wearing the luchador mask) and see a few awesome examples of geek creativity. Like this guy who creates geek art with salt. I’m not sure how long these pieces last, but I gotta imagine they’re pretty temporary. Good thing he puts them up on Youtube. Check out the Darth Vader one below; he’s got more though on his Youtube channel.

Gingerbread AT-AT

Gingerbread AT-AT

Check out this awesome Gingerbread AT-AT I spotted on my reader (via DVICE). Looks like it was created by professional baker Rachel Klemek. Alright, now that we know this is possible, I want to see a gingerbread Millennium Falcon, a gingerbread Battlestar Galactica, a gingerbread Enterprise, and a gingerbread Dejah Thoris… why not, right? I’m tempted to say that whoever can do this I’ll give’em a free Atomic Moo t-shirt (feeling pretty sure I’ll never have to do that because 1. nobody actually reads this blog (right?), and 2. nobody has that much free time), but I don’t want to take the chance that a bunch of basement dwelling neck-beards (like myself) would actually peal themselves off the couch and away from their XBox for a day, use their next disability check from the government (chronic depression) for supplies, and complete the challenge. So, yeah… we’re not doing that… unless you really really want to, but just remember, you’ll get nothing from me.

Sexy Star Wars Pinup Recruitment Calendar

Star Wars Recruitment Calendar

 Alright… where’s my wallet? I came across this nifty looking Star Wars pin-up calendar earlier (via It was created by Etsy user NomAnor, and available for sale on there. I dunno… I’m kind of digging the busty Darth Vader chick…

Busty Darth Vader Chick

Alright… That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Gotta draw some people… NAKED!


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