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Futurama/ Star Wars

Good morning El Moochadors… or noon… I just woke up, so to me it’s still morning. Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. I’ve been dealing with some freelance work I’ve picked up, and Trog…? Well, he’s just lazy. He keeps using that bullshit excuse of having to work two jobs, and not enough time. Of course I have to point out that he’s got all that time between 11 pm and 4 am where he just lays around in his bed doing nothing (What the fuck dude?). So, yeah, I gotta start cracking the whip more.

We did manage to record another Moocast on Thursday, though Trog still has to finish putting together last week’s episode (Dude, get on the effing ball!). See what I’m working with here? Anyhow, I was just browsing around and found a few things of interest. Like this awesome Star Wars/ Futurama mash-up (via Looks like it was created by a guy called Respectthefett, and it’s for sell on as a shirt.

Awesome Star Wars Typography Posters

If you’re a typography geek, then you’ll like these nifty looking Star Wars typography posters by Graphic Designer Tony Bamber. If you go to his website you’ll see some other really cool stuff, like the AT-AT images ( here’s the other one).

Star Wars Typography

That's No Moon.

Star Wars Holiday Special on Youtube

I just saw someone over on posted the Star Wars Holiday Special on Youtube… in several parts. I’ve never actually watched it all the way through, though the parts I’ve seen have made me shudder a little. It came out in 1978, so if I don’t remember if I watched it then or not. I don’t think I was forming any cognitive thought by then… probably still having trouble with that even today.  So I just sat through and watched the first three parts of this ( and somehow managed not to dig out my own eyeballs with a spoon…), and it’s really bad. Really really bad. The whole first part is listening to three Wookies whine and bark at each other with brain cringing sounds. The second part has a holo-circus… thing… I don’t know what the fuck it was. And why the fuck does Mark Hammil look like Doris Day? Honestly, after watching this crusty polyp on a dead Tauntaun’s nut sack, can anyone really be surprised by the prequels? Anyhow, I’ll post the first one below, and if you want to  watch more (sick bastards…) just follow the Youtube links.

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  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    12/04/2011 at 5:35 am

    >Star Wars Holiday Special

    Pass, thanks.

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