Awesome Geek Cosplay Photography of Jay Tablante

Cat by the Window

Hey El Moochadors! I got a few minutes before we begin this week’s Moocast, so I thought I would do a quick post of some great looking images I spotted on not too long ago (I really am spending way too much time on there lately). I just thought these were great examples of geek creativity, and worth a Moo. Their by Filipino photographer Jay Tablante, or jatablante on DA. I’ll post a few more of his cosplay images below, but he’s got some more great work in his gallery that you should check out. He’s also got a website, unfortunately I was having trouble seeing it, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

Just Passing Through

Ms. Marvel in Flight

Amber B-17

Psylocke in Genosha

Definitely my favorite image of his… but then that’s because I gotta thing for hot chicks with purple hair…

Rogue in Flight

Pamela Lillian Isley


Electra Natchios

Silk Spectre


Emma Frost

Good grief! I meant to just put up a couple of his images, and instead almost put up his entire portfolio. I guess that says how much I like the guy’s work….

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  1. wow, she is really beautiful~~

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