Hey El Moochadors. I have to apologize for the lack of post these last few days; I’ve had a bad case of the fuckits, and haven’t gotten much of anything done. Don’t worry, I’m recovering from it… I think I’ll be alright. Knowing that the Brethern Moo were keeping me in their thoughts and prayers is what gave me the strength to survive the worse of this sickness (that being laying on the couch and watching House, House 2, and Transylvania 6-5000… twice… not as funny as I remember it being, but I was too lazy to search for something else to watch).

While suffering from this malady, I also managed to watch a ton of Youtube videos and I came across this talented young lady’s “>channel. I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted about her before, or at least I can’t remember posting about her. Still, if I have she’s worth a second mention. Her name is Lara, and she’s musician from Sydney. Says in her profile that she’s been playing the piano at age six and the violin a few years later. You know, I don’t think I even learned to tie my own shoes until I was seven… this is starting to bum me out now… I feel the fuckits coming back on. I should go lay down. I’ll try to post some of her videos below with what remaining strength I have. Enjoy!

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