TV series \”Battle of the Nations\”, episode 1

Hey El Moochadors, it is I Sir Noel with my very first post. And it’s only fitting that my first post should be about battle and violence, ow how I love the violence. Battle of the Nations or B.O.N now has its own official youtube channel were they are up loading the T.V series in English. For those of you who don’t know B.O.N is the first international live steel tournament wear teams from around the world compete in sword fighting. Until now you had to know Russian to really know what was going on in the fights. In my all supreme opinion this is the only sport that really counts. Id like to see Kobe Bryant bounce his ball with 21 vikings running down the court after him.


B.O.N has three different divisions of combat 21 vs 21, 5 vs 5 and my favorite 1 on 1. there are a lot more rules in 1 on 1 with things being a lot closer to boxing with a point system, but as you get to 5 on 5 and 21 vs 21 the rules become…well less restrictive. I thank most of you would be surprised at how violent and brutal this sport really is, in the third episode of the T.V show you can watch a fighter from the Belarus Team (yes that’s a real country) brake his Femur, these guys are not Humerus (aw see what I did there, the humerus bone..huh yeah). Well as of this post there are four episodes up in English I hope you watch them all and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

TV series \”Battle of the Nations\”, episode 2

TV series \”Battle of the Nations\”, episode 3

TV series \”Battle of the Nations\”, episode 4




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  1. Nice Brandon! Thanks for posting. Kind of funny though, this being your first post and all, and it’s about battle and violence… and you’re like our only Christian in the crew… I dunno…

  2. The last thing many a heathen saw in this life was the Chi and Rho of a Roman shield.

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