Hey geeks. Man, it’s been a weird week so far. I think the cherry on top of it all was getting a rejection email from a graphic design studio at the end of the day, saying I’m not experienced enough for them. Well, it’s only Tuesday. I’ve got the rest of the week to make things better. Right?

Not much to report as far as the site is concerned. Trog is still busy working on the next Moocast. He’s actually got two he’s working on, but I guess he’s having some audio problems on one. So we’ll see what he ends up with. He might just end up combining the two. I just went through my reader and other sources and found some nifty stuff floating on the web. Above is this nifty bust mash-up of Darth Vader and Skeletor by Ryan Renders. I keep wanting to call it Darth Skeletor, but I guess Skevader works to. Check out a few more images of it after the jump. He’s also got more great work in is DeviantArt gallery, so check that out if you get a chance.

Skevader 4



Gen 13 Fairchild Cosplay

Fairchild Cosplay

WOW! I’m not really sure what else to say above that. Just… WOW! I spotted these images on… well I can’t remember now, but the link led me back to The model is Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Definitely check out her website and the cosplay section (I never thought Sub-Zero was all that attractive until now…).

Fairchild Cosplay

Fairchild Cosplay

Awesome Superhero/ Secret Identity Posters by Danny Haas


I came across these posters on by Danny Haas. He’s got more great work on his Society6 page you should check out. I gotta start working harder… hopefully, someday, I’ll be making stuff that looks this cool… someday… maybe…






Togepi Sings Mario Bros Tune

What’s a Togepi? Is that the name of the bird or is it a type of bird? I dunno… Still, it’s kind of neat to hear a bird whistle out the tune to Super Mario Bros.

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