Breast Cancer Campaing Wonder Woman

Hey El Moochadors. Not much to report as far as the site is concerned. We did record another Moocast last night, though I thought it was kind of a cluster fuck. By it the time we were wrapping it up I was on my second bottle of wine. I’m in favor of dumping it and just waiting until next week to record another one, but I can’t convince the other guys to go along with that. Also I got an interesting email from a Mother (Mum?) in England, named Annie. I guess her son really liked the Stormtrooper Wallpaper I put together and asked for it as a poster for Christmas. In the email Annie asked “Can I get a steer from you or permission to use the image?”

I replied: “I’m not sure what a steer is (other than a castrated male bull… sorry, I’m all outta those right now…), but yes, you can use the image. I even converted the file to CMYK and made a .pdf for you. Hopefully it’ll make it a little easier for you to print. I hope your son likes it.”

Then Annie replied back: “Hi Jason.  You are a prince among men. I’m not sure what a CMYK is (other than a thingy for The GIMP). My son will be delighted.  He’s Stormtrooper mad.”

Does “Gimp” mean the same thing there that it does here? I know Fag and Geezer mean totally different things over there… Anyhow, Annie, CMYK just means “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black,” and it’s the color mode used for printing (versus RGB mode (Red, Green and Blue) which is used for screens and monitor graphics… basically one is pigment the other is light). Well, nevermind, it’s not really important. Still, one day I believe we’ll work out these language differences, get you guys talking straight, and then we’ll get you driving on the right side of the road.

 Anyhow, got some stuff for you to check out here. Some of it you’ve probably already seen, but what the hell right? Like these awesome geek inspired ads for breast cancer self-evaluations by Maísa Chaves (check out Wonder Woman above). She goes by the name of Halfy on, and there’s three more featuring She-Hulk, Cat Woman, and Storm. No disrespect, but I gotta wonder what the male superhero prostate, or testicular, cancer ads will look like? More stuff below for you to check out.

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

Here’s a pretty awesome tribute video to Calvin and Hobbes and the awesome snow creations Calvin made.

Jedi Ninjas

I really liked the ending of this… I’m not sure what else to say about it other than that.

Darth Yoda

Darth Yoda

Now I know what Yoda would like as a Sith Lord… Nifty illustration was done by Aleksandr Nikonov.


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